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We have been in business for the past 30 years and we were among the first authorized 3M Scotch-Print Graphics Fabricators. Some of the few industries we serve include hotels, retail shops, governmental agencies, airports, and vehicle fleet owners. Our capabilities are not only limited to providing graphics installation services but also include in-house graphic designing and printing.


Whether it’s a big or small project, we work on all with equal focus and attention. We walk the extra mile right from project inception, conceptualization to final completion. Clients trust us because there is no job, simple or complicated that we can’t deliver.


We are the trendsetter when it comes to professional vehicle wrapping and restyling. We pave the way for your success with experience, focus, expertise, refined creativity, and forward approach. Take your brand’s excellence to new heights using our unmatched services and cutting-edge craftsmanship. With our range of commercial wraps, we will help you exceed both customer and industry expectations.


Our services such as vehicle wrap designing, digital printing, and installation are tailored to suit clients’ needs. Whether it is your commercial vehicle or high-end exotic sports car, Wrapguru is your one-stop shop for your automobile restyling needs, assuring you outstanding services which are affordable, high-impact, and appropriate for any business for brand visibility and recognition.


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